Welcome to AfriSur: Express Yourself!

Express Yourself! That is what AfriSur Dance Company is about. For us, it means that dance is fun, a release, a moment of pure flow and a form of art. And we LOVE to create this art! Using a broad foundation in salsa, mambo, cha cha and hiphop and under the inspiring direction of Paul ‘Mr Smooth’ Baarn, we explore and enjoy dance: in performance, teaching and social dancing in every shape and form.

This means that if you see AfriSur Dance Company somewhere, we will most likely be dancing (or teaching), we will most likely be smiling and we will always be open to what the dance can bring. Whether those are our cool and funky shows with strong body movement or musicality… or maybe you’ll meet us in a class or workshop on styling, flow & play or smooth musicality… or maybe on the floor during a cool song! Our focus will always be on the ability to express yourself and to create something fun and gorgeous every time you dance.

Wherever and whenever it is that you will meet AfriSur Dance Company, we look forward to bringing you along in our mission to Express Yourself!