The Team

Paul Baarn

Paul Baarn is the creative multi-talent and beating heart of AfriSur Dance Company. He doesn’t just dance. He performs, he teaches, he composes and produces music…he expresses himself in any way he can! In his 12 years of teaching salsa, bachata, merengue and kizomba, he has focused more and more on adding quality and flavour to dancing. Quality in the form of attention to details, about leading, following, timing, and so forth. Flavour in the form of musicality, styling, passion and expression. His ultimate goal is to make you Express Yourself and to have fun on your way there. In his classes you work, you learn and you laugh.

As a performer, he will blow your mind with original, funky, surprising shows, for which he usually creates his own music. Ladies who social dance with him will be spoilt by his lead for the rest of their dancing life. (Yep, someone actually said that) And he will do all of this in his characteristic, relaxed and funny style.

An acclaimed international performer, teacher and social dancer, he is a huge enrichment to any event.

Caroline Menya

Caroline MenyaYou will not soon forget meeting Caroline Menya, the Kenian princess of AfriSur.  With her ferocious body movement, her creativity in social dancing and her attention to the smallest detail, she is a strong and hugely talented dancer. And her smile will put you in a good mood, no matter how you felt when you walked into the room! She and Paul form the solid foundation of AfriSur Dance Company and their chemistry during their performances and classes is palpable, and translates directly to the experience of their audience and students. A much-loved dancer and a beautiful human being!


Eveline joined AfriSur in 2011. To have fun and enjoy yourself within the dance – that is what’s all about for her. So that when the music starts, your knees bounce, your spine wiggles and you can’t sit still. That you radiate joy whenever you can dance, with a smile so infectious that the moment engulfs your whole body! Adding some European spice to AfriSur, she approaches dancing as a whole: not just technique or musicality, but to put all of yourself into it, and use everything that you have been given!