AfriSur is known for dance workshops that are fun, different and challenging. Salsa, Mambo, Bachata, Cha Cha or Kizomba: we do it all with the special AfriSur flavor. Our motto is ‘Express Yourself’ and that’s what we challenge our students to do. Some examples of our workshops (use the arrow buttons to scroll):

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Flow & Play workshops are about spicing up your dancing with fresh styles and moves. Learn to flow together across the dance floor and add your individual flavor to your partnering.
Men Styling focuses on fresh footwork and body movement for guys. They also learn techniques for spicing up CBLs with turns, footwork and attitude. For some reason girls also show up for this workshop and enjoy it. 😉
Ladies Styling focuses on footwork, body movement, styling and attitude for the ladies. We want them to express themselves through dance, with confidence.
Musicality workshops are about listening first, creating a strong connection to the music you’re dancing to. Then we give the students easy tools to interpret the music in different ways. These tools can be used solo or in partnering.
Bachata Mix is a mix of different Bachata styles, like Domenican and Madrileña, with our own flavor added to it. It’s about getting total freedom in your steps and moves and adding your own style into the mix.

We have many more workshops available and can cater to every wish you may have. Get in touch with us to see how we can spice up your event.